Bosch TracRac T3B Portable Miter Saw Stand Review

Bosch TracRac T3B Portable Miter Saw Stand

The Bosch TracRac T3B Portable Miter Saw Stand is fantastic for any professionals who need a stand to support their materials while they are cutting through them. Additionally, it is easy to set up and transport from place to place.

There are a vast number of stands out there on the market and it can be hard to select which one to purchase.  This particular stand is slightly different to most out there as it can be folded down for storage without having to remove the saw. This is very easy and can then be wheeled away on the rubber wheels. If you do not want to fold the stand away then you can just release it from its base without any problems. This saw stand is perfect for many occasions. You can use it in the home or your store, and on any job site. It is more than capable of supporting for the toughest of jobs.

As the stand is made out of an aluminium construction this means that it is not only strong and durable, but also very lightweight. This is a major advantage if you want to transport the stand to different locations with you. It can withstand weights of up to 500 pounds and reach a maximum length of 20 feet. The base for this stand has a universal stand that should be able to be used for any saw make. Due to the features this stand possesses it makes it an extremely popular product with many customers.

Most of the reviews for this Bosch TracRac® T3B Miter Saw Stand is very positive and customers loved the amount of features for the reasonable price.

The Bosch TracRac T3B Portable Miter Saw Stand Reviews

A lot of the reviews for Bosch TracRac T3B Portable Miter Saw Stand are very positive. Customers loved the fact that the stand is both sturdy and lightweight at the same time. Being able to transport the stand around with ease and fold away without any problems proved very popular. The value for money was another aspect that impressed many of those customers as well.

Albeit in the minority, there were a few less positive reviews. Some felt that the stand was not of the highest quality, flimsy support and they were very reluctant to place an expensive saw on this product.

Most reviews for this product were very complimentary though and overall this looks to be a fantastic product for anyone who needs a stand like this for their job. It is easy to set up and fold away, and above all you can transport from one area to another with relative ease as it is extremely lightweight.

Bosch TracRac T3B Portable Miter Saw Stand

Bosch TracRac T3B Portable Miter Saw Stand Features:

  • This portable saw stand can take up to 500 pounds of weight
  • Comes with legs that are fully adjustable
  • Also has 18 feet of outfeed coverage included
  • Saw stand is constructed with aluminium that is strong and light
  • Product has rubber wheels attached
  • Stand can be extended to 9 ½ feet long and weighs 44 pounds
  • Comes complete with a warranty of one year

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